Talent Strategy

Talents are the most important strategic resource for enterprises, it is also the guarantee for the implementation of development strategies. Tianjin Mengguli continually increases the investment for fundamental and innovative researches, attract high-end talents, maintain an institutionalized elimination mechanism, establish a fair value evaluation and distribution system. With the combination of material civilization and spiritual civilization, Tianjin Mengguli will provide the top-quality new energy material and satisfactory services to achieve the harmonious development of human beings and the earth.

Talent Policy
Attract Talents

Optimize the hardware and software conditions to attract top talents.

Keep Talents

Give full trust, development space and humanistic care to help talents to integrate into the company.

Train Talents

Mainly based on internal training, supplemented by external introduction, Tianjin Mengguli have built an echelon talent training system.

Use Talents

Put the right person in the right place, working ability is the most important element in staff promotion.

Excitation Mechanism

Lead by staff’s performance and working results, Tianjin Mengguli has built a "trinity" excitation mechanism, which combines the short-term, medium-term and long-term evaluations together, every staff has his/her own assessment points. The salary system is also well refined to make every employee share the development of the company.

Salary and Benefits
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