5G Innovation Leading High Quality Development

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On July 14, the 2019 5G Innovation and Development Conference and the first China information and communication industry entrepreneurs annual meeting was held at Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. The theme of the conference is “5G Innovation Leading High Quality Development”, aiming at accelerating the development of industrial Internet. Hengtong was invited to attend this industry conference with distributed data center, 5G industrial IoT application case, 5G antenna product solution and future high-speed wireless communication technology.

This conference set up eight forums to discuss 5G’s contribution to high quality development from different perspectives, such as “5G+industry innovation and development”, “5G+VR/AR/big data to boost information consumption upgrading”, “Credit construction of information and communication industry”, “5G vehicle networking industry innovation and development”, “5G+industrial internet”, “5G+digital transformation” and so on.

Dr. Shi Huiping from Hengtong was invited to present a report entitled “Trends of Fiber Optic Cable Technology under 5G Architecture”, which elaborated the application and development direction of Fiber Optic Cable in 5G Architecture.

At the Credit Construction of Information and Communication Industry Forum, Hengtong was awarded the certificates of “AAA level Credit Enterprise of Enterprise” and “AAA Credit Enterprise of Enterprise Industry” issued by China Communications Enterprise Association.

The Enterprise credit rating is the results of comprehensive investigation and evaluation on enterprise credit status and credit capacity carried out by China Communications Enterprise Association (CCEA), to strengthen credit construction and promote credit operation of enterprises in the industry. The CCEA has carried out in-depth research on the capital strength, human resources management and qualification certification of the company from five aspects, including credit capacity, business ability, management ability, financial strength and credit record.

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